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Self Evaluation of Listening Function (S.E.L.F.)
The S.E.L.F (developed by Teresa Ching and Mandy Hill) is a questionnaire consisting of 12 items that rate your child’s ability to listen and communicate both in quiet and noisy situations. The S.E.L.F forms part of our 9 year old LOCHI assessment battery (is not administered at 5 years). The S.E.L.F. is not a test, however it does provide us with a better understanding of your child’s experience of day to day listening situations. The items on the questionnaire are read to your child e.g. “over the last.... weeks, have you been able to hear your teacher well in class?” and the his/her responses are recorded and later scored. The S.E.L.F. takes approximately 10 minutes to administer.

What is the SELF+?
The Self (Self Evaluation of Listening Function) is a scale designed to systematically record how a child perceives they are hearing and communicating with others in real-world environments. We ask the child to think about their listening behaviours in a range of everyday-life situations, and rate themselves. The SELF+ (or SELF Plus) asks the child to additionally indicate how easy or hard they find it to listen within each situation.

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