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Speech Perception test in noise

Speech perception is assessed in children with sufficient language skills from 5yrs of age. The LOCHI study uses adapted methods and materials for examining how well children are able to understand a spoken message when they have to listen to the speech with distracting background noise.

Speech perception testing simulates noisy situations where children need to listen, such as in a classroom or at a shopping centre. Two situations are tested – where the speech and noise is coming from the same direction, and where the speech and noise are coming from different directions.

Through speech perception testing the audiologist is working out how much louder the speech needs to be, compared to the noise, for the speech to be understood. This information is helpful in understanding matters such as if an FM system will benefit your child and where your child should sit in a group or classroom to optimise how they hear what is said around them.

Speech perception testing is carried out by a paediatric audiologist in a sound proof booth. This is why appointments for these assessments need to be at an audiology centre. When you come for an assessment it is very important to bring your child’s hearing aids and/or cochlear implant/s and that these devices are working optimally.

The research audiologist may use the NU-CHIPS and/or the BEST to test your child.

For more information about speech perception testing please contact your research Audiologist or the NAL office in your state.

Speech Perception in Noise