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Dr. Teresa Ching
Senior Research Scientist

Teresa Y.C. Ching, PhD is a senior research scientist and head of the Rehabilitation Procedures research at the National acoustic laboratories in Australia. Her research interest and experience encompass many aspects of hearing rehabilitation for children and adults with hearing loss: amplification requirements, speech intelligibility, psychoacoustic abilities, evaluation methods for children, bimodal hearing and bilateral cochlear implantation. She is the lead author or co-author of over 80 scientific articles and six book chapters. She frequently presents invited addresses on aspects of aural rehabilitation, paediatic amplification and cochlear implantation at international conferences. Her current research focuses on predicting outcomes of children, including those with unilateral and bilateral hearing loss.

Vivienne Marnane
Research Speech Pathologist

Vivienne has been working on the Outcomes project since late 2007, after graduating from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Speech Pathology and spending some time working as a speech pathologist in both the public and private sectors. More recently Vivienne has completed a Masters degree in Epidemiology with the University of Queensland in 2012, bringing invaluable skills and knowledge to the project. Vivienne has now moved into a dual role as a project coordinator and research speech pathologist for the project.

Jessica Whitfield
Research Speech Pathologist

After graduating from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology, Jessica has worked in both the community and clinical setting providing both assessments and intervention to children with speech, language, fluency, voice and swallowing difficulties. Jessica has also worked in a hearing clinic providing speech and language intervention to children with hearing impairments and auditory processing difficulties. Jessica has recently joined NAL and the LOCHI team in 2010. Jessica is a current member of speech Pathology Australia and participates in the continuing professional development program.

Vicky Zhang
Research Paediatric Audiologist

Vicky joined the LOCHI Study in early 2009 after completing her PhD in Audiology from the University of Hong Kong. Vicky has over 10 years clinical, training and research experience in the area of hearing assessment and rehabilitation for infants and children. She has co-authored more than 15 articles published in academic journals, and was awarded several prizes from a variety of international conferences and academic institutes. Her current research interests include amplification for children, electrophysiology, effective screening techniques in neonatal hearing screening.

Sanna Hou
Paediatric Audiologist

Sanna has worked at Australian Hearing since 2001 after graduating from Macquarie University with a Masters degree in Clinical Audiology.  She has worked as a paediatric audiologist for more than 9 years  predominantly with babies diagnosed with hearing loss through the State Wide Infant Screening for Hearing (SWISH) program. She is tireless in her dedication to her field and has a great passion for the children and families who come under her care. Since joining the LOCHI team in 2008, Sanna has become an invaluable source of experience, insight and smiles.

Jessica Sjahalam-King
Research Audiologist

Jess joined the team in 2009 as a research assistant after working for a few years with children and young adults with cognitive disabilities. As time went on, she became more interested in electrophysiological hearing assessments and rehabilitation research. Subsequently, Jess completed the Master of Clinical Audiology at Macquarie University and is now involved in various paediatric projects.


Michelle Saetre-Turner
Research Speech Pathologist

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