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Test of Written Spelling (TWS III)
The Test of Written Spelling examines a child’s spelling abilities. We feel that collecting data about a child’s spelling skills provides important information to complement our other assessments of reading and literacy, and helps build a more comprehensive picture of how the child is functioning in and out of the classroom.
There are two word lists, each comprised of 50 words. The first list consists of “Predictable” words, which are those that follow the common phonic rules of English spelling. The second list is made up of “Unpredictable” words, which are more irregular and may not follow the phonic rules of spelling. The test is completed in a similar way to spelling tests performed in a classroom by a teacher, with the speech pathologist reading aloud each word for the child to spell and providing the word in a sentence. The child then writes down the word on a response form.  As the TWS is designed to be used with children between grade 1 and grade 12, the child may not be required to attempt to spell all 100 words in the test.